Most people are familiar with marble. From Greek statues to Roman baths, it has been used for centuries in just about every possible interior and exterior application. Marble is relatively hard, but not as hard as granite. Marble basically classifies into four groups which include: groups A, B, C, and D. these merely indicate fabrication ability, which is based on the material’s level of hardness. It is very popular for fireplaces, bar-tops, and bathrooms, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Marble has the same general properties of limestone and can stain, scratch, but only becomes more beautiful over time and use. Most marble has veining mineral deposits throughout. It is generally thought to be from Italy, but in actuality it is quarried all over the world. Tumbled marble has become extremely popular in the United States in the last  few years for backsplash,  flooring and shower areas.

Be aware that green marble containing serpentine needs to be installed in water areas with specific setting guidelines that installers should know of, as water can warp and break it apart. Also, polished marble can be slippery to walk on until a patina has built up on its surface.
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