Slate is a metamorphic rock that is dense, strong, acid resistant and non-absorptive. It is impervious to freeze/thaw cycles and has been used in construction for thousands of years. It is the material of choice for discerning architects, designers, contractors and builders.

Slate produced in North America comes in a variety of colors, including black, gray, green, purple and red. Many of these slates are available with mottling of more than one color and some of these slates include a color weathering characteristic, which adds warm earth tone hues. In addition, imported slate for Asia, Africa and South America can yield tones of gold and copper.

Slate can be worked with a natural cleft surface or to a machined finish by gauging, honing and polishing. Each piece is unique, with subtle variations in color, texture, shade and veining. Slate is remarkably versatile and will make itself at home in any design style from luxury mansion to back-woods cabin.

Most commonly used for interior floor surfaces or exterior landscaping, slate also serves as a durable and stain resistant counter top, beautiful pool coping, shower enclosure, pavers, building cladding, and spectacular, fireproof roof covering that can last the life of the building. Easily sawn or trimmed to size, split at any thickness and machined to any finish, slateis versatility in design and construction is limitless.

Many of the world’s most treasured buildings were, and still are, constructed with natural slate materials of one kind or another.

These would include well known government buildings, prestigious universities, museums,  courthouses, religious buildings and private homes.
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