Beautiful, long lasting and the perfect flooring solution for any complex project.
Natural stone is a perfect choice for use in outdoors projects as blends in with nature and beautified outdoor surroundings perfectly. It strikes a sublime balance between the elements and foliage, giving the grounds a genuine organic feel. The natural landscape ages gracefully and by using a natural stone landscape product so will your landscape. Landscaping options like stepping stones, pathways, benches, fountains, garden trim, pavers, walkways, walls, and sculptures and provided by us.
Beautiful interiors are a must in a residential project, worktops in kitchen, bathrooms, fining area or even a work area can lend a lovely apart from several functional benefits. There are several options available in different finished and colour to suit your project. We will readily advice you the best option the suits both your needs and your budget.
We at BS Stone offer a variety of materials for use in Rain-screen Cladding Projects of natural stone. These include polished marble or granite, honed or fine picked granite, ashlar sandstone and honed limestone. These can be applied to a variety of building structure types.

We offer architects a bespoke design surface for any situation. If required we can recommend lower cost natural stone facing options, which enable stone elements to be retained along with the prestige aspect of the project.

Designs are the key elements to use successful creation of long lasting building facades in natural stone, and at BS
We undertake projects to restore, repair and polish the stone surfaces of floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, lobbies, foyers, tabletops, countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and more it is beautiful original appearance.

We restore stones of all kinds, from the hardest of granites to the softest of marbles, along with a multitude of other stones includes polishing, honing and cleaning your stone, removing stains and etches, while repairing and patching chips and cracks in the surface of the stone.

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